About OFW Photography

Clay Lomneth

23 years old, midwest born and bred, living in lincoln, nebraska but accepting assignments anywhere, storyteller, older brother, minimalist, good listener, avid hip hop fan, journalism addict, coffee lover, dog person, always up for traveling (don't hesitate to ask), a little shy but never afraid, constantly curious.


Colin Conces

Colin Conces is an Omaha photographer who loves natural light, real moments, and composition. His work ranges from commercial and editorial photography to wedding photography. He tries to tell the stories of the people, places, and spaces that he encounters each day.


Daniel Muller

Daniel Muller is a wedding and commercial photographer based in Omaha, NE. He likes negative space, his wife, polaroids, birds, cats, dogs, coffee, wine, whistling, cooking, vespas, traveling and taking photos. He would also like to meet you.